Mr. Beethoven Makes Music (Book & CD)


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Loud music emanates from Ludwig van Beethoven’s new apartment. And what music indeed! The inhabitants of the city are delighted by the wonderful sounds that have filled the streets since he moved in. It is high time to pay the famous lion a visit. Mrs. Owl, Mr. Monkey and last but not least Elise Porcupine immediately set out and inspire the musician with the wild mane to write his most famous compositions.

With this beastly beautiful story, children get to know the famous composer and many of his world-famous pieces.

The accompanying CD contains the story and numerous musical examples, e.g. ” For Elise”, “The Moonlight Sonata”, “9th Symphony” and many more.

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Marko Simsa, Birgit Antoni and Anna-Lena Kühler


Annette Betz