The Zoo Concert (Book & CD)


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It’s bedtime, but Rosalie isn’t the least bit tired yet. So she unceremoniously opens a zoo in her bedroom. All her stuffed animals are there and each one gets its own entrance. The elephants trumpet the opening fanfares, the cow and the pig cuddle to romantic tunes, the frog dances the polka, the cheeky parrot sings the sea shanty and everyone gets to join in the dancing, singing, waddling, neighing and cuddling.

The affectionate story by Marko Simsa awakens the desire for classical music and transports all the senses into a colorful realm of fantasy. The cheerful symphonic composition by Erke Duit, in which each animal is given its own musical motif, is award-winning. With light strokes, Silke Brix unfolds colorful worlds when the penguins splash in the water, the monkeys frolic in the jungle and Rosalie closes her eyes at the end to meet all the animals again in her dreams.

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